System Testing
System Testing
Acoustics, Shock, Vibration, Thermal Vacuum, Leak and Pressure Testing, Test Criteria, Test Management and Planning, Aerodynamic Testing
Time-Accurate, Sectored, One-Dimensional Reactive Code for Simulation, Prediction, and Control of Combustion Instabilities
This sectored one-dimensional model utilizes a simplified computational fluid dynamics (CFD) algorithm to simulate combustion and acoustic processes (including instabilities) in combustors with complex shapes. Utilizing modest computational resources, the code produces realistic results and is well suited for controls development.
U.S. Release Only
Solar Array Verification and Analysis Tool (SAVANT)
The powerful, yet easy-to-use SAVANT quick-engineering code calculates the expected radiation damage to solar cells in Earth orbit. The tool contains ten types of solar cells and four types of cover glass. Radiation damage calculations are based on the Displacement Damage Dose method developed at the Naval Research Laboratories.
U.S. Release Only
The NESSUS 6.2c computer program is a set of separate but related modules for solving a wide range of component and system probabilistic and reliability problems, including finite element analysis, heat transfer analysis, geometry generation, and ceramic material property generation.
U.S. Release Only
Defect Detection and Prevention (DDP)
DDP evaluates criticality by generating a tree of failure modes and a tree of requirements and then evaluating the impact of each failure mode on each requirement.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
Centrifugal Compressor Design (CCD) code
This NASA-developed technology provides a rapid preliminary assessment of the design geometry and the design-point performance of centrifugal compressors. The analysis is based on a one-dimensional flow model with correlations for the following losses: inlet guide vane, rotor inlet shock, incidence, clearance, blade loading, skin friction, disk friction, recirculation, vaneless diffuser skin friction, and vaned diffuser. With input performance, the code can operate in design mode; with input geometry, the code can operate in analysis mode.
U.S. Release Only
Sound Lab (SLAB), Version 5
SLAB is a software-based, real-time, virtual acoustic-environment rendering system designed to study spatial hearing in environments such as concert halls, listening rooms, virtual reality, aviation spatial information displays, and video game sound effects.
Open Source
AirShow 1.1.1
The AirShow software package enables 3D visualization of computational meshes and computed flow-field data associated with computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The program displays structured grid blocks and computational grid planes.
U.S. Release Only
OXIMAP-A Model for the Oxidation of C/SiC Composite Structures
The OXIMAP software has been used to analyze the oxidation behavior of carbon-fiber-reinforced composite structures.
U.S. Release Only
Rotor-Stator Interaction (RSI) Broadband Noise Prediction Code
RSI is a Fortran computer code for calculating the spectrum of broadband noise produced by the interaction of fan-rotor wake turbulence with fan-exit guide vanes (i.e., the stator). Provided with incident-turbulence characteristics, the code computes the spectra of acoustic power upstream and downstream of the stator on a mode-by-mode basis at each frequency of interest. Target frequencies are arbitrary and need not be harmonics of a fan's blade-passing frequency.
U.S. Release Only
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