Data Servers Processing and Handling

Data Servers Processing and Handling
Data Servers Processing and Handling
Algorithms, Data Management, Routers, Servers, Storage
The NASA UNIX Tool Kit contains three components that all work together to form a single technology for UNIX administration: (1) Secure, Web-Based UNIX System Administration Tools (KSC-12269) ease the administration of a large, distributed UNIX system, providing a secure mechanism for creating, modifying, locking, and deleting users. (2) The second component of the software kit is the Client/Server to Create, Modify, and Query VERITAS File System Quotas on an NFS-Mounted File System with a Secure Web-Based Interface (KSC-12268). In this technology, the client (which exists on an internal secure platform with a secure interface) can be accessed from any authorized platform capable of running a Web browser. The server software exists on a UNIX platform configured with the VERITAS file system. (3) The Web-Based IP Address Tool (KSC-12271) provides an easy-to-use system for maintaining IP address information for a network of computers.
U.S. Release Only
Open GeoSocial Consumer Application
This software interface provides a social and collaborative environment to allow end-users such as GEOSS users to discover, visualize, and access Earth Science information on demand from simple browsers and allow them to share the resulting products with their friends and/or Community of Interest through social networks.
Open Source
Perl6 Eredis bindings module
Perl 6 bindings and modules for interacting with the Eulerian Technologies Eredis library ( for interacting with the Redis database system.
Open Source
NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS)
The NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS) is NASA's enterprise system that captures NASA technologies. NTTS supports various technology transfer related activities and business processes.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
SSHIM: SSH Interruption Mitigator
SSHIM is a tool that allows remote commands operating over SSH channels to continue operation across multiple failures of the underlying channel.
Open Source
Network Management and Monitoring System for Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networks
The Innovation is a software product that allows a user to manage and monitor a challenged network of remote nodes. The software provides users with information regarding the status of nodes, and users are able to send requests to the nodes and receive data back in response. The software provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow creation of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to provide a user with graphical views of incoming data as well as commanding functionality. Please contact to obtain a copy of this code.
Open Source
NEXUS: Deep Data Platform
NEXUS provides a bridge between science data and horizontal-scaling data analysis. It provides a workflow to divide science artifacts into small data tiles to store in a cloud-scaled database where they can be quickly retrieved through a high performance spatial search registry. Through spatial index, NEXUS provides fast access to all relevant data tiles where each tile fits into RAM for fast in-memory computation.
Open Source
CODE-A Software Framework For Control and Observation In Distributed Environments
CODE is a framework for the control and observation of resources, services, and applications. The technology supports the secure and scalable transmission of observed information to other programs, and it enables the secure execution of actions on remote computer systems.
Open Source
Simple, Scalable, Script-based Science Processing Archive (S4PA)
Simple, Scalable, Script-based, Science Processing (S4P) Archive (S4PA) is a disk-based archiving system for remote sensing data. The tool can be used for new data transfer, data preprocessing, metadata generation, and data archival. Services provided include data access control, data subscription, metadata publication, and data recovery. All data are archived on readily available disk drives, with FTP and HTTP being the primary modes of data access. S4PA includes a graphical user interface for monitoring and re-configuring system operation. Please visit:
Open Source
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