Data Servers Processing and Handling
Data Servers Processing and Handling
Algorithms, Data Management, Routers, Servers, Storage
IND 2.1-Creation and Manipulation of Decision Trees from Data
Decision trees are commonly used in artificial intelligence and statistical pattern recognition. A tree is "grown" from data using a recursive-partitioning algorithm. IND re-implements parts of existing standard prediction algorithms, offers experimental control suites, and also introduces new, more sophisticated methods for growing decision trees.
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Hierarchical Data Format Earth Observing System (HDF-EOS) XML Document-Type Definitions and Schemas
An XML standard has been developed for the HDF-EOS5 file format using document-type definitions and schemas. Users can transform HDF5 files into XML format and vice versa. For more information, please visit:
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Simple Subset Wizard
The Simple Subset Wizard (SSW) makes searching for granules easier. The tool unites the search function with various subsetters to deliver a single, simple, seamless process. SSW uses OpenSearch to query the Earth Observing System Clearing House (ECHO) for granules and then employs individual subset agents to submit requests. The SSW currently has 11 agents to interface with different subsetters, which support the subsetting of 217 EOSDIS data sets. The SSW provides the capability to subset by either temporal range or spatial region, although not all subsetters have both of these capabilities.
Open Source
Ensemble REST: Framework for RESTful WebServices in OSGI
REST-based web services are a great tool for connecting a diverse set of components together in a clean and simple fashion. Ensemble REST makes it easy for developers to write and deploy RESTful web applications, and the HTTP protocol enables anyone to access and utilize the exposed services. There are libraries available in almost every programming language in order to connect a program in the language to an HTTP service.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
Shift: Self-Healing Independent File Transfer
Shift is a lightweight framework for high performance local and remote file transfers that provides resiliency across a wide variety of failure scenarios through various techniques. Shift can be downloaded from:
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BASSHFS: Bash-Accessible SSH File System
BASSHFS is a tool that allows remote directories to be manipulated as if they were mounted locally when using the bash shell. It is similar to the existing SSHFS utility except it is does not require FUSE kernel support.
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LaRC MarsGIS Human Landing Site & Exploration Zone Viewer and Collaboration Tool
The innovation includes a GIS (Geographical Information System) layer and a web-based GIS service. The GIS layer includes the geospatial location and spatial extent of the Exploration Zones(EZs), regions of interest (ROIs), and data characterizing the science and resources purported to be available. These data were extracted from publicly-available abstracts and presentations to the HLS2 EZ Workshop in October 2015 as proposals for the first human landing site on Mars. The web-based service allows users to view and analyze this layer; verify, alter, and annotate the layers data, add/edit/delete new EZs, and will support users collaboration on these data. The layer was developed under the auspices of a SACD investment fund opportunity, through the labors of five students. The NASA civil servant defined requirements for, and students used ESRI ArcGIS to draw the EZs and ROIs; and associated each EZ and ROI with tabulated data from authors papers. The GIS tool was developed by the inventors listed in this disclosure, and coded by students and the STARSS III contractor (under auspices of SACD investment fund and Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC)) based on the ESRI ArcGIS platform and available widgets and tools, through NASAs enterprise agreement with ESRI.
General Public Release
Hierarchical Data Format Earth Observing System (HDF-EOS) Web Server
This shell script chains together existing data usability group tools to: extract ODL metadata from an HDF-EOS file; convert the metadata to XML; reformat the XML into HTML; publish the HTML and the original HDF-EOS file to a Web server and an OPeNDAP server; and reformat the XML and submit it to the Earth Observing System Clearing House (ECHO). For more information, please visit:
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HDF-EOS2 and HDF-EOS5 Compatibility Library
This software library provides uniform access to HDF-EOS2 and HDF-EOS5 files through one set of application program interface (API) calls. Without the library, programs would have to be written twice to cover both HDF-EOS2 and HDF-EOS5 files.
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