Business Systems and Project Management
Business Systems and Project Management
Acquisitions, Business Processes, Property Management, Risk Management, Scheduling
Stennis Space Center (SSC) Site Status Mobile Application
This application provides SSC civil servants, contractors, and tenants the ability to view the Center's weather radar and current site status bulletin from a mobile device. The application also alerts users via push notification when a new site status is posted. Available at the Apple App Store.
General Public Release
Source Lines Counter (SLiC) version 4.0
SLiC has been used in a variety of projects and missions at JPL, with over 75 active users at JPL alone. It is the official code counter endorsed by the Software Quality Improvement Project for its metrics collections effort across JPL and SQIs most requested software product. SLiC provides data for cost models used during all major JPL pre-Phase A software estimation activities as well as cost validation activities throughout project lifecycles. SLiC is used to gather metrics for the JPL State of Software report to measure process trends in flight projects and multimission ground system services.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
HORIZON 5 - Framework for distributed data management and product generation workflow
HORIZON 5 is an extensible framework for data management systems. It is packaged with the following components SIP/AIP: The Open Archival Information System (OAIS) specification defines the framework for information capturing to information distribution.
Open Source
Comments Export/Management Tool
This tool is a collection of macros that work with Microsoft Word to export Word comments into a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet, which is used to disposition comments during a document review and serves as an official record of the disposition of each comment. The tool includes the ability to add comments in real time and trigger an automatic update of the spreadsheet and the ability to instantly navigate from a row in the spreadsheet to the matching comment in the Word document (through the use of hyperlinks). This tool vastly improves the efficiency of electronic document reviews of acquisition documents.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
Brahms: A Multiagent Simulation/Execution Environment for the Brahms Multiagent Language
Brahms is a multiagent programming language for modeling people and systems in a conceptual world. Brahms language gives users the ability to model the behavior of human organization, communication,and teamwork, as well as human-machine interaction.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
Employee Health & Safety System
This software was built to facilitate the process of employees completing their Health and Safety Requirements.Web application for supervisors to record their Work Center Safety and Health Guide progress. Application would ask supervisors questions on all 22 sections of the document and records their answer for reports. Supervisors must complete this safety assessment annually and this application will facilitate the OSHA requirement. In addition, employees have the ability to certify they have completed their required training, JHA and certifications.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
eInfo Services (EIS)
eInfo is a web-service used to provide employee information to web-applications. In some contexts, web-application development requires the retrieval and use of specific employee information.. As each web-application may not be authored by the same development personnel and the support/maintenance of disparate methods for information retrieval is neither efficient nor an industry best practice, it behooves the organization to develop an abstracted employee information service/system to be used across all web-applications where needed. The eInfo Service (EIS) is composed of an API Service. Using this API service, developers can create service calls within a specified application, passing the established parameters to retrieve specific employee information as needed for the specific application.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
Action Item System, Version 2.0
This web application allows users to assign and track action items. Helpful emails are distributed when an action is created, updated, or closed, and reminder emails are sent to assignees when an action item deadline is approaching or has passed.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
RedShift: mobile app for following the tactical and strategic operations meeting schedule
The RedShift mobile app lets operations staff on the MSL project follow the operations schedule of tactical and strategic meetings. RedShift is an application for iOS and Android that presents the meeting agenda for MSL strategic and tactical meeting events that are a part of the operations workflow.
Open Source
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