Business Systems and Project Management

Business Systems and Project Management
Business Systems and Project Management
Acquisitions, Business Processes, Property Management, Risk Management, Scheduling
Application Information Logging Services (AILS)
Application Information Logging Services (AILS) is a series of services that allow applications to log application events using a centralized set of services. Additionally administrative and report functions are available to configure the application as well as to view the logs.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
Data Service Provider Cost Estimation Tool and Comparables Database
The Data Service Provider Cost Estimation Tool (CET) and Comparables Database (CDB) package provides NASA's Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) the ability to make lifecycle cost estimates for the implementation and operation of the data service providers that are required to support its science and applications programs. The Data Service Provider CET and CDB package employs a cost-estimation-by-analogy approach. For more information on the package, please visit:
Open Source
NASA Root Cause Analysis Tool (RCAT)
The NASA Root Cause Analysis Tool (RCAT) has been designed to facilitate the analysis of anomalies, close calls, and accidents and also identify the appropriate corrective actions to prevent recurrence. The software provides an analyst with a quick, easy-to-use, accurate, and repeatable method to perform and document root cause analysis, identify corrective actions, perform trending analysis, and generate usable data for probabilistic risk assessment. All possible causes of accidents-hardware, software, the environment, weather, natural phenomena, external events, human error-can be incorporated into the timeline and fault/causal factor trees. The software features an intuitive logic diagramming capability and uses standard terminology, definitions, and symbols.
U.S. and Foreign Release
Shipping Foam Designer Software
The Shipping Foam Designer Software is an easy-to-use design tool that allows the user to select the proper type and dimensions of shock-attenuating packing foam. A simple graphical user interface is provided. The software was developed in response to a large number of documented cases of critical hardware failures that resulted from drops during shipment.
General Public Release
ID Digit Widget Plug-in
This software is a plugin for a software tool called MagicDraw by NoMagic. This plug-in utilizes the open-API of MagicDraw and allows the user to manage and validate requirement IDs simply and effectively than the tool. The user can do a single or mass prefix ID changes and/or renumbering and see the results before the changes are executed. The tool also performs requirement number validation, informing the user if a requirement ID is missing or duplicated and provides an opportunity to correct the issue.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
NASA Aircraft Management Information System (NAMIS)
The NASA Aircraft Management Information System (NAMIS) is an enterprise resource planning/mission support software suite designed from the ground up to meet both the mission support requirements and the business management requirements of JSC's Aircraft Operations Division (AOD). The system features tools and processes that: 1) eliminate the risk of conducting flight operations in aircraft with overdue inspections, in aircraft with grounding discrepancies, and in aircraft not properly configured for the mission; 2) provide continuous and positive control of all assets including materials, parts, and equipment that exceed a customer-defined value; and 3) reduce material costs and labor hours. NAMIS includes the data, information, and metrics required to support flight operations management and business decisions, as well as the data required by other systems and external components to support consistent and accurate financial reporting and asset accounting.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
NASA HMS (Hazard Management System)
The Web-based, access-controlled NASA Hazard Management System (HMS) provides a centralized repository for hazards regardless of origin and offers the ability to report and manage real-time hazards and controls. The primary mechanism for identifying and documenting hazardous conditions within HMS lies in the creation and management of two types of analysis documents: Hazard Analyses (HAs) and Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs). While these two document types offer different approaches for hazard identification and classification, they both offer controls for mitigating hazards. HMS provides a framework within which HA and JHA documents are created, reviewed, and approved. Once approved, the hazardous conditions identified within a document are considered active. More important, the controls associated with the hazards are then also considered active. HMS includes the mechanisms required to evaluate hazards using standard Risk Assessment Code (RAC) scoring.
General Public Release
Kennedy Action Tracking System (KATS)
In the KATS application, a method of abstraction was used to in a foundational website platform that liberated the developers from the concern of having to manually generate Entity Framework calls to interact with the data layer of the application. This abstraction method/layer provided the ground work from which was developed a "Project Foundation" that has now become the basic starting block for all of our web-based solution development. This foundation drastically reduces project "spin up" time and standardizes data layer and other service interactions to ensure consistently high performing transactional solutions.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
Authorization Services (Authos)
Authorization services (Authos) provides a suite of tools to authorize access to client applications. This includes application services and an end-user configuration module.
U.S. Government Purpose Release
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