Spatial Resolution Verification Tool (SRVT)(SSC-00339)

data and image processing
Spatial Resolution Verification Tool (SRVT)
An automated Spatial Resolution Verification Tool (SRVT) was developed to rapidly determine the spatial resolution characteristics of remotely sensed aerial and satellite imagery. Most current methods for assessing spatial resolution characteristics of imagery rely on pre-deployed engineered targets and are performed only at selected times within pre-selected scenes. The SRVT addresses these insufficiencies by finding uniform, high-contrast edges from urban scenes and then using these edges to determine standard estimators of spatial resolution, such as the modulation transfer function (MTF) and the relative edge response (RER).Developed using the MATLAB programming language and environment, this automated software algorithm assesses every image in an acquired data set, using edges found within each image, and in many cases eliminating the need for dedicated edge targets. SRVT automatically identifies high-contrast, uniform edges and calculates the MTF and RER of each image, and when possible, within sections of an image, so that the variation of spatial resolution characteristics across the image can be analyzed. The automated algorithm is capable of quickly verifying the spatial resolution quality of all images within a data set, enabling the appropriate use of those images in a number of applications.The SRVT has been validated against traditional techniques using IKONOS and QuickBird satellite imagery.
Notes: MATLAB; 220 KB download file

This software is only available for use by federal employees and contractors to the federal government working on projects where this tool would be applicable.

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