Earth Science Datacasting v2.0(NPO-47725-1)

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Earth Science Datacasting v2.0
Based on the popular concept of podcasting, which gives listeners the capability to download only those mp3 files that match their preference, earth science datacasting will give users control to download only the earth science data files that are required for a particular application. In essence, earth science datacasting is a simple, yet powerful informed pull and visualization mechanism. Earth science datacasting will be modeled on the server-client architecture used in podcasting and will leverage existing NASA capabilities. On the server side, the latest data granule is placed in an on-line store and an XML feed is created for the granule. The XML feed is based on the RSS 2.0 and GeoRSS 1.0 standard, with additional namespaces for describing earth science data (dataset and granule level descriptions).
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This software is only available for use by federal employees and contractors to the federal government working on projects where this tool would be applicable.

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Environmental Science (Earth, Air, Space, Exoplanet)
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