NASA HMS (Hazard Management System)(MSC-25694-1)

business systems and project management
NASA HMS (Hazard Management System)
The Web-based, access-controlled NASA Hazard Management System (HMS) provides a centralized repository for hazards regardless of origin and offers the ability to report and manage real-time hazards and controls. The primary mechanism for identifying and documenting hazardous conditions within HMS lies in the creation and management of two types of analysis documents: Hazard Analyses (HAs) and Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs). While these two document types offer different approaches for hazard identification and classification, they both offer controls for mitigating hazards. HMS provides a framework within which HA and JHA documents are created, reviewed, and approved. Once approved, the hazardous conditions identified within a document are considered active. More important, the controls associated with the hazards are then also considered active. HMS includes the mechanisms required to evaluate hazards using standard Risk Assessment Code (RAC) scoring.
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Business Systems and Project Management
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