GCR Event-Based Risk Model (GERMCode) Code(MSC-24760-1)

crew and life support
GCR Event-Based Risk Model (GERMCode) Code
The GERMCode provides scientists data interpretation of experiments; modeling of beam line, shielding of target samples and sample holders; and estimation of basic physical and biological outputs of their experiments.For mono-energetic ion beams, basic physical and biological properties are calculated for a selected ion type, such as kinetic energy, mass, charge number, absorbed dose, or fluence. Evaluated quantities are linear energy transfer (LET), range (R), absorption and fragmentation cross sections, and the probability of nuclear interactions after 1 or 5 cm of water equivalent material. In addition, a set of biophysical properties are evaluated, such as, the Poisson distribution for a specified cellular area, cell survival curves, and DNA damage yields per cell. Also, the GERM code calculates the radiation transport of the beam line for either a fixed number of user specified depths or at multiple positions along the Bragg curve of the particle in a selected material.
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Crew and Life Support
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