T0TEM - T0 Test Evaluation Module(MFS-33829-1)

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T0TEM - T0 Test Evaluation Module
The T0TEM (T0 Test Evaluation Module) is an analysis software for transition temperature tests performed under ASTM E1921 - Standard Test Method for Determination of Reference Temperature, To, for Ferritic Steels in the Transition Range. T0 is the temperature at which a ferritic steel transitions from mostly ductile tearing to unstable cleavage failure mode. This software analyzes test results to determine T0, the master curve, confidence bounds, validity, margin adjustment and inhomogeneity by simple, bi-modal, and multi-modal methods. T0TEM also allows for batch analysis, raw data output and plot creation.
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Materials and Processes
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General Public Release
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Windows , Linux, OS X
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