Mesh Network Communication System(MFS-33391-1)

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Mesh Network Communication System
The system provides a framework for exchange of information between multiple network nodes to facilitate cooperation using a distributed mesh network communication architecture. A node is any entity, such as a vehicle, ground control station, etc., that is connected to the mesh network. Data exchanged can include such things as telemetry from vehicle-based nodes, commands from ground control nodes, science data, etc. By exchanging pertinent data, multiple nodes can act together to perform a task without requiring direct control from a central control node. The system was generically designed so that it would be applicable to any node type and many different vehicle types including UAVs and satellites. The mesh network architecture allows the system to adapt to individual node failures because by design the system has no master controlling the operation of the entire network.
Software Details

Vehicle Management (Space/Air/Ground)
Reference Number
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Open Source
Operating System
Windows, Linux
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