Schedule Test and Assessment Tool (STAT) 5.0(MFS-33362-1)

business systems and project management
Schedule Test and Assessment Tool (STAT) 5.0
The Schedule Test and Assessment Tool (STAT) 5.0 is a schedule management software add-in developed to work specifically within the Microsoft Project scheduling application. The STAT 5.0 software provides the automated capability to quickly identify, quantify, and report numerous types of critical schedule assessment data for management use. This software provides clear and objective reporting of key schedule assessment information such as; logic network integrity indicators, performance and trend metrics, schedule driver identification, data comparisons, margin and milestone tracking, and various other analysis data that can be used by project teams to assist in management decision making.
Notes: STAT 5.0 is available in standard (32 bit) and also 64 bit versions. Be aware, STAT 5.0 (64 bit) should only be selected when using with MS Project (64 bit) version software. Recommend checking your MS Project version type before downloading.

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Business Systems and Project Management
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General Public Release
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Windows 10
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