Marshall MRMS Mosaic Python Toolkit (MMM-Py)(MFS-33236-1)

environmental science earth air space exoplanet
Marshall MRMS Mosaic Python Toolkit (MMM-Py)
MMM-Py reads, analyzes, and displays three-dimensional national mosaicked reflectivity data produced by NOAA's National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL). MMM-Py can read MRMS mosaics from either their unique binary format or their converted NetCDF format; it can also read and properly interpret the current mosaic design (4 regional tiles) as well as mosaics produced prior to late July 2013 (8 tiles). The technology can easily stitch multiple tiles together to provide a larger regional or national picture of precipitating weather systems. Composites, horizontal/vertical cross-sections, and combinations thereof are easily displayed using as little as one line of code.
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Environmental Science (Earth, Air, Space, Exoplanet)
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Open Source
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Mac, Linux, and Windows
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