Lightning Forecasting Algorithm (LFA)(MFS-33225-1)

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Lightning Forecasting Algorithm (LFA)
The Lightning Forecasting Algorithm (LFA) is an algorithm that may be implemented within any cloud-allowing or cloud-resolving numerical forecast model that converts gridded forecasts of updraft speeds and graupel hydrometeor mixing ratios in the mixed phase layer into gridded estimates of total lightning flash rate density.
Notes: The LFA has been coded as WRF 3.5.1, and also for the UPP, the latest version is UPP 3.5.1. The .tar files for these partial code packages are named: WRFV3.5.1_LFA.tar and UPPV3.5.1_LFA.tar, respectively.

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Environmental Science (Earth, Air, Space, Exoplanet)
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