Python Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer Data Toolkit (PyAMPR)(MFS-33219-1)

environmental science earth air space exoplanet
Python Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer Data Toolkit (PyAMPR)
This toolkit will read geolocated brightness temperature data (in ASCII format) from any flight of the AMPR airborne instrument. A python script will pull out timing, brightness temperatures, and other information from each channel/geolocation and store them as attributes using the appropriate type of numpy array. The approach consists of ingesting the entire file as a text string and then parsing and converting as necessary. The file is read and the data are populated when the class is instantiated with the full path and name of an AMPR file. Numerous visualization methods are provided, including track plots, strip charts, and Google Earth KMZs. In addition, polarization deconvolution is available.
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Environmental Science (Earth, Air, Space, Exoplanet)
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Open Source
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Mac, Linux, and Windows
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