VLOADS V1.4 Launch Vehicle Loads Analysis For Preliminary Design(MFS-27332-1)

structures and mechanisms
VLOADS V1.4 Launch Vehicle Loads Analysis For Preliminary Design
The VLOADS program calculates launch vehicles' in-flight structural loads for preliminary design. The program may also be used to calculate structural loads for upper stages and planetary transfer vehicles. Launch vehicle information and input data such as aerodynamic coefficients, mass properties, propellants, engine thrusts, and performance data are compiled and analyzed by VLOADS to produce distributed shear loads, bending moments, axial forces, and vehicle line loads as a function of X-station along the vehicle's length. Translational accelerations and interface loads, if the launch vehicle has booseters or wings, are also computed.
Software Details

Structures and Mechanisms
Reference Number
Release Type
U.S. Release Only
Operating System
MS Excel 2011 version 14.6.6 or later
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