Electrical Modeling and Thermal Analysis Toolbox (EMTAT)(LEW-20097-1)

electronics and electrical power
Electrical Modeling and Thermal Analysis Toolbox (EMTAT)
The Electrical Modeling and Thermal Analysis Toolbox (EMTAT) is a MATLAB/Simulink based building block graphical tool used to create simulations of electrical/power systems. EMTAT is specifically designed to simulate electric/electrified propulsion systems at the level of fidelity (time scale) appropriate to capture the interaction with turbomachinery. EMTAT contains blocks that represent electrical components (batteries, motors/generators, inverters, etc.) modeled using either power flow or physics based representations. EMTAT is compatible with the Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems (T-MATS) for simulations that require mechanical components (turbomachinery, shafts, propellers, etc.). For such mixed simulations (i.e., those containing both electrical components and turbomachinery), the EMTAT blocks can use the T-MATS solver, allowing the relevant electrical and mechanical variables to be solved simultaneously.
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Electronics and Electrical Power
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