Capture Test Waveform for the SCaN Testbed STRS Harris SDR(LEW-19286-1)

electronics and electrical power
Capture Test Waveform for the SCaN Testbed STRS Harris SDR
The Capture Test Waveform is a software application designed for space-based reconfigurable radios. The innovation allows snapshots of a radio's receiver environment for any number of objectives, such as interference mitigation or radio frequency mapping. Digital samples are acquired and stored in the radio's memory for processing, be that on-board the spacecraft or after download to the ground. The application is labeled "Test waveform" because it does not perform any standard communication link functions, such as carrier recovery or demodulation. Depending on the radio's resources and architecture, this application could be run in parallel with a standard communications link waveform application. (STRS)
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Electronics and Electrical Power
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