Exploration Visualization Environment Version 2.15(LAR-19859-1)

design and integration tools
Exploration Visualization Environment Version 2.15
The Exploration Visualization Environment (EVE) is a simulation, visualization, and analysis system designed to integrate engineering data with a virtual environment in support of the design and planning of space based missions. Through the integration of time dependent data with detailed graphical models within a full scale three dimensional solar system or independent reference frame, the analyst can gain valuable insight into the correlation of data with simulation events. EVE provides a rich set of navigation tools, in both time and space, to enable the user to analyze the data. Version 2.15 of EVE has built upon previously released versions, enhancing analysis capabilities, greater usability, and enhanced input and output features. EVE has been developed to run cross platform under Linux, Windows and Mac.
Notes: This software can only be obtained under a Gov't contract/grant/agreement that has a requirement for it under the Scope or Statement of Work. This software also requires the Government Contracting Officer's (CO) or Contracting Officer's Representative's (COR) concurrence for its need. NOTE: A reimbursable SAA is not a qualifying government purpose use of software.

This software is only available for use by federal employees and contractors to the federal government working on projects where this tool would be applicable.

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Design and Integration Tools
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U.S. Government Purpose Release
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Windows, Linux, OS X
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