Versatile ImpulSive Interplanetary Trajectory OptimizeR (VISITOR)(LAR-18538-1)

design and integration tools
Versatile ImpulSive Interplanetary Trajectory OptimizeR (VISITOR)
The design of trajectories for interplanetary missions represents one of the most complex and important problems to solve during conceptual space mission design. To facilitate conceptual interplanetary mission sizing activities, it is essential to obtain sufficiently accurate trajectories in a fast and repeatable manner. To this end, the VISITOR software tool was developed. This tool modularly augments a patched conic, multiple gravity-assist with one deep space manuever (MGA-1DSM) trajectory model with a mass model, launch window analysis, and the capability to simulate realistic arrival and departure operations. The tool was validated against seven flown missions: the average total mission delta-V offset from the nominal trajectory was 9.1%, and was reduced to 7.3% when using the genetic algorithm at the cost of an increase in computation time by a factor 5.7. VISITOR is well-suited for the conceptual design of interplanetary trajectories and facilitates future improvements due to its modular structure.
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Design and Integration Tools
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General Public Release
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Runs using Matlab on a PC
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