3DGRAPE/AL v3: Three-Dimensional Grids About Anything By Poisson Equations(LAR-17758-1)

data and image processing
3DGRAPE/AL v3: Three-Dimensional Grids About Anything By Poisson Equations
The new version (3.0) suite of the 3DGRAPE/AL software advances the state-of-the art in structured volume grid generation through the implementation of a new matching point block-to block boundary condition on adjacent faces of two blocks that no other volume grid generator has. This new version also has two preprocessors that enable rapid development of the input data to run 3DGRAPE/AL. Finally, the new 3DGRAPE/AL has both serial and parallel programming versions that enable the generation of volume grids nearly 5 times faster than the previous 3DGRAPE/AL code.
Notes: Language: Fortran 90

Software Details

Data and Image Processing
Reference Number
Release Type
U.S. Release Only
Operating System
Any OS that has a F90 compiler
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