Web Application: Ground Hardware Management Tool(KSC-13923)

Web Application: Ground Hardware Management Tool
The Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program requires a web-based application to effectively manage and coordinate the various components of ground support equipment (GSE) used at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) throughout the spacecraft and launch vehicle processing and integration flow, as well as for launch pad operations. A considerable amount of GSE is designed by the Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft developers for KSC use during the ground processing flow. Additionally, KSC develops GSE for use during processing, launch preparation, and launch activities. All GSE used at KSC during the processing flow is tracked and identified during ground operations planning activities. The Ground Operations Planning Database (GOPDb) provides the application to coordinate the various aspects of the ground planning phase. Additional rigor and visibility into the GSE component of ground operations planning is critical to a seamless and cost effective planning and design phase. An integrated GSE tracking solution must be developed to provide visibility, accountability, and configuration control of GSE data to all stakeholders while ensuring that the source data remains appropriately controlled and protected. This integrated GSE tracking and management tool the Ground Hardware Management Tool (GHMT) Application - for tracking and managing GSE data used in support of KSC\GSDO operations planning and launch campaigns. The GHMT will be fully integrated with the GOPDb to provide a complete ground operations planning solution.
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