Inspire Connect Explore (ICE)(KSC-13772)

Inspire Connect Explore (ICE)
The Inspire Connect Explore (ICE) application is an inspiration tool utilized by the Education and External Relations organization to increase STEM participation. In addition to static content such as biographies and career information, the website allows dynamic (approved) content where students may post questions to specific employees about their degree experience and career advancement. This new application was developed utilizing ASP.Net, HTML, and SQL Server 2008 technologies. Access is controlled through role-based security at the application level. Employees are provided automated log-in capability after which they may create and edit their inspirational biographies and career information, or respond to questions posted by the public. Reviewers are provided automated log-in after which they will provide review and approval of all new or modified content prior to the content being available to the public.
Notes: .This application has two parts, one sits on an internal network to allow all the information to be reviewed before publishing to the external /public network. The other part is for viewing the published information. If you dont have that requirement, you could point both parts to insert and update the same database. The code is going to need modifications. Its built to consume a web based employee service that provides basic information about NASA employees and contractors that will need to be replaced by something relevant for your company.

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