NASA UNIX Tool Kit(KSC-12269)

data servers processing and handling
The NASA UNIX Tool Kit contains three components that all work together to form a single technology for UNIX administration: (1) Secure, Web-Based UNIX System Administration Tools (KSC-12269) ease the administration of a large, distributed UNIX system, providing a secure mechanism for creating, modifying, locking, and deleting users. (2) The second component of the software kit is the Client/Server to Create, Modify, and Query VERITAS File System Quotas on an NFS-Mounted File System with a Secure Web-Based Interface (KSC-12268). In this technology, the client (which exists on an internal secure platform with a secure interface) can be accessed from any authorized platform capable of running a Web browser. The server software exists on a UNIX platform configured with the VERITAS file system. (3) The Web-Based IP Address Tool (KSC-12271) provides an easy-to-use system for maintaining IP address information for a network of computers.
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Data Servers Processing and Handling
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