Mixed Reality Exploration Toolkit (MRET) 2021(GSC-18847-1)

design and integration tools
Mixed Reality Exploration Toolkit (MRET) 2021
The Mixed Reality Exploration Toolkit (MRET) framework/platform advances NASA engineering and scientific efforts by leveraging industry advances in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to use NASA data and tools in new and innovative ways. MRET provides cross-domain, mission lifecycle support by integrating NASA models (both scientific models and engineering CAD-based models) with a common tool set available in AR/VR (e.g., measurement tools and lunar and planetary lighting models) and access to NASA data sources. MRET leverages the GSFC developed GMSEC tools to integrate real-time and recorded engineering (telemetry) data from multiple engineering sources to stimulate visualizations as well as provide collaboration within the NASA networks. Integration with other scientific data formats and sources is planned to serve the GSFC and NASA scientific community.
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Design and Integration Tools
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