Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) Application Programming Interface (API) 4.8(GSC-18753-1)

Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) Application Programming Interface (API) 4.8
The open-source GMSEC API allow software components to connect to a middleware messaging bus, that in turn, is responsible for message routing and delivery. The API and middleware combine to free the components from having to know where other components exist and what data they need. The API combined with the GMSEC message standards allow a component to be GMSEC-compliant and help it achieve plug and-play capability. Using standard messages for functionality helps the GMSEC environment achieve the goal of application interchangeability, where standardized components can be easily exchanged without affecting other GMSEC components. For a component to be considered GMSEC compliant, it must use the standard set of messages with the GMSEC API. The strength of the GMSEC API is that it allows changing middleware without impacting the GMSEC components or component interfaces. The API standardizes the interface to the middleware for the GMSEC component and normalizes the middleware behavior. The API supports multiple middleware, platforms and languages. The API interface to the middleware ensures similar behavior from a large selection of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) middleware. API users can switch middleware without changing the components' underlying code. The GMSEC API also provides access to all the standard middleware messaging capabilities including publish/subscribe, and request/reply.This software release contains enhancements to previous releases of the GMSEC API, including greater reliability and enhanced usability. For example, this release includes: Ruby script language binding, support for Python 3.8.5, and support for Apache Artemis. Numerous bug fixes are also included with this release.
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