The Bundle Protocol Core Flight System Application (BP)(GSC-18331-1)

autonomous systems
The Bundle Protocol Core Flight System Application (BP)
The BP cFS application uses the Bundle Protocol Library (bplib) to implement Delay Tolerant Networking. The applicationtargets the cFE 6.5 release and provides out of the box integration with the cFS CFDP application (CF), and a POSIXcompliant file system when provided. The implementation conforms to the CCSDS Blue Book recommendation 734.2-B-1issued September 2015, which is based on RFC 5050.
This software is only available for use by federal employees and contractors to the federal government working on projects where this tool would be applicable.

Software Details

Autonomous Systems
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U.S. Government Purpose Release
Operating System
The software runs on the core Flight Executive (cFE) which is a GSFC open source project; the cFE abstracts the underlying operating system, which means the BP app does not directly use any operating system.
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