Heat Analysis Manager (HAM), a Thermal Desktop API Based Heat Map Generation Software(GSC-18322-1)

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Heat Analysis Manager (HAM), a Thermal Desktop API Based Heat Map Generation Software
Thermal engineers often create custom heat maps to analyze their thermal models. However, generating a heat map is difficult because thermal simulations only readily provide certain attributes of simulated nodes, such as temperature, capacitance, and heat generation, along with a network of conductances. Heat flow values are quantities derived from these nodal attributes, and the difficulty in data processing and management of heat flow between nodes quickly grows as node count increases for large models. Deriving a network of heat flow values requires a vast amount of calculations and data handling, and the heat map generation process generally suffers from processing speed, loss of accuracy, and/or presentation of data in a clear and concise format. Heat Analysis Manager (HAM) is a Thermal Desktop (TD) based free multi-purpose tool developed to aid thermal engineers in analyzing thermal models which includes a heat map generation utility. HAMs heat map generator retains accuracy and fast processing speed by utilizing TDs application programming interface (API) and TDs built-in post-processor routine Qflow from Results. Furthermore, HAMs heat map output is presented in an easily customizable format in Excel, allowing users to create various custom visual heat maps. A full description of how HAM utilizes TDs API to create a customizable heat map is provided. A simple model demonstration is included along with step-by-step procedures for creating custom heat maps. HAMs heat map output has been verified against TD and other heat map generation software, and the verification methods used are shown.
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