Core Flight System Simulink Interface Layer(GSC-18115-1)

design and integration tools
Core Flight System Simulink Interface Layer
The Simulink Interface Layer (SIL) is a software abstraction layer which allows the interfacing of task/mission-specific code generated from Simulink (or other sources) to the Core Flight System (cFS) via a generic set of wrapper code. The SIL enables direct integration of code from the Simulink autocoding pipeline into the cFS without the need for interface code and allows access to cFS API's including table services, time services, the software bus, event services, and fault reporting. The SIL accomplishes this by extending Simulink's code generation pipeline to produce a description of the model's interfaces which is utilized by generic wrapper code to initialize the model and the appropriate cFS interfaces. The SIL simplifies the integration of code as a CFS application and eliminates the need for hand edits to generated code, allowing quicker integration of code and reducing the probability of human error in the integration process.
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Design and Integration Tools
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