Common Metadata Repository(GSC-17610-1)

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Common Metadata Repository
The Common Metadata Repository (CMR) is a spatial and temporal metadata registry that enables the science community to more easily discover, use, and exchange NASA's data and services. The CMR's main objective is to enable broader use of NASA's Earth observing systems' (EOSDIS) data. It allows users to more efficiently and reliably search and access data and services and increases the potential for interoperability with new tools and services. The CMR stores metadata from a variety of science disciplines and domains, including Climate Variability and Change, Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems, Earth Surface and Interior, Atmospheric Composition, Weather, and Water and Energy Cycle. To ensure the quality of the metadata, the CMR system contains a tool called the Metadata Management Tool (MMT) which enables metadata providers to develop standards-compliant, high-quality metadata and have that metadata scored against quality standards as well as providing a means to manage access to that metadata. CMR is designed to:- Serve as a middleware replacement for the EOS Clearing House (ECHO) and Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)s backend. - Handle metadata at the Concept level including: Collections, Granules, Visualizations, Parameters, Documentation, Services, and more.manage hundreds of millions of metadata records; making them available through high performance, standards compliant, temporal, spatial, and faceted search.- Incorporate both human and machine metadata assessment features that work to ensure the highest quality metadata possible.
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Environmental Science (Earth, Air, Space, Exoplanet)
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