"Worldview" satellite imagery browsing and downloading tool(GSC-17111-1)

data and image processing
"Worldview" satellite imagery browsing and downloading tool
Worldview is a software tool designed for interactively browsing and downloading imagery from NASA's Earth observing satellites. Building upon a set of open source mapping and user interface libraries, it provides an environment to visually discover interesting phenomena as observed by NASA satellites, then download the data for further analysis. It was originally designed to address the needs of the near real time applications community to provide relevant information for time-critical scenarios such as wildfire and flood management. As such, satellite imagery is available to be viewed in Worldview within four hours of observation, the imagery can be viewed in its highest, or native, resolution, and the imagery can be panned and zoomed rapidly through space and time to find the most relevant/cloud-free/etc information available.
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Data and Image Processing
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