Structure Deformation Calculation Program based on Ko Displacement Transfer Functions(DRC-013-035)

structures and mechanisms
Structure Deformation Calculation Program based on Ko Displacement Transfer Functions
The Structure Deformation Calculation Program is a computer program that will calculate slopes, deflections, and cross-sectional twist angles if applicable at strain-sensing stations on any structures based on the Ko Displacement Transfer Functions. By using this method, only a small number of strain sensors are required along strain-sensing line(s) on a structure. The program uses measured surface bending strains obtained at strain-sensing stations and structure geometrical properties as its inputs. Depending on structure type, the program will use the appropriate Ko Displacement Transfer Function. All structure types mentioned in the publications listed in the Technology Readiness / Software tab are covered in this program. The figures of different structure types will be included in the Additional Documentation in the General Information tab. The Displacement Theory is purely geometrical in nature, containing no material properties.The program will output time history slopes, deflections, maximum deflections, and cross-sectional twist angles if applicable, and depth factors if calculated. Users can use the time history deflections for plotting: deformed shapes of the structure at a certain time slice, three dimensional deformed shapes at multiple time slices, and deflections of each individual strain-sensing station. The calculated deflections of a structure can be studied and analyzed for monitoring the health of a structure to prevent catastrophic events.
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Structures and Mechanisms
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