Astrobee Control Station Binary(ARC-17994-1B)

Astrobee Control Station Binary
The Astrobee Control Station is an extension of the Visual Environment for Remote Virtual Exploration (VERVE) that has been customized to operate the Astrobee robot on the International Space Station (ISS). The Astrobee robot has two purposes: it is a remotely-operated mobile camera and survey instrument for ground controllers, and it is an extensible zero gravity research platform for guest scientists. Ground controllers use the Astrobee Control Station to fly Astrobee, control its instruments, watch live video from its cameras, monitor its position and other telemetry, and download and delete collected data. Guest Scientists use the Astrobee Control Station to start and stop their experiments onboard Astrobee, and to monitor custom data and telemetry from their experiments. Though some Astrobee functions will require other tools, the Astrobee Control Station is the primary way that most users will interact with Astrobee.
Notes: Users should see for instructions.

Software Details

Reference Number
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U.S. and Foreign Release
Operating System
Mac 64 bit, Windows 32 bit, and Linux both 64 and 32 bit.
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