X-Plane Communication Toolbox (XPC)(ARC-17185-1)

X-Plane Communication Toolbox (XPC)
The X-Plane Connect Toolbox enables users to receive real-time information on one or more simulated vehicles state from the X-Plane flight simulator, and control vehicles running in the X-Plane simulation environment. The toolbox can be used to record simulated flight data, visualize flight profiles, create out-the-window visuals, test autopilots, and test control algorithms. Additionally, the toolbox enables the display of ghost traffic flying predefined flight paths in the simulated airspace, and the visualization of flight plans in the form of waypoints. The toolbox allows custom built or third party autopilot programs to interface with X-Plane through MATLAB, C, C , Java, or Python . Code examples are included in the open source distribution. The toolbox uses a network communication protocol, allowing X-Plane and the client program to run on different computers.
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Open Source
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Windows, Linux, and OS X
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