Rapid Model Import Tool (RMIT)(KSC-14317)

data and image processing
Rapid Model Import Tool (RMIT)
The Rapid Model Import Tool (RMIT) is software designed to accept on import 3D models from Computer Aided Design (CAD) software tools such as 3DS Max, Catia, or Creo, and perform a number of modifications to the model's underlying format. Some of the modifications include flattening the hierarchical tree structure of the model's objects, translating the model to world coordinates origin, polygon simplification, and object merging, all designed to reduce the size of the model's file structure, while retaining fidelity to the original model. Once operations are complete, the results are exported to a format that is compatible with the Unity 3D virtual reality software development package. This action allows the user to view, evaluate, and interact with CAD models in a virtual environment, thus providing a greater degree of flexibility than with more traditional means.
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Data and Image Processing
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